Technical, economic and regulatory analysis for the implementation of the subscription audio and video service using IPTV technology for a WISP of the canton General Villamil Playas

Cristian Mauricio Landacay, Pablo Augusto Quijije


Introduction. The present work begins with the study of IPTV technology and the knowledge of the equipment installed in the wireless network Multipoint Point of the Company CELERITEL which is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP), whose main node is located in the Canton General Villamil Beaches. Objective. Establish the technical-economic and regulatory viability for the implementation of audio and video subscription service using IPTV technology over a wireless access network SAI, based on a technical analysis, an economic financial review and a study of current regulations. Materials and methods An analysis of the state of the art was carried out, for which articles of medium and high impact on the subject were searched and they were chosen by importance and theme. This exploratory research was consigned between 2013 and 2018. The analysis of these was based on qualitative indicators. Results It is expected that with the same equipment of the point-to-multipoint network of the WISP located in the General Canton of Villamil Playas, the subscriber will receive audio and video content from the installed video server under demand. Conclusion. What is different from our study is that a wireless network that operates on unlicensed frequencies for the distribution of AVS using IPTV technology will be used as an access network.


IPTV, WISP, Multicast.

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