Espirales. Revista multidisciplinaria de investigación is an edited by Universidad de Oriente and Global University. All the material submitted to the journal for publication and accepted by the Editorial Committee in attention to its quality and relevance is subjected to review by peer specialists in the corresponding fields of knowledge.

Espirales. Revista multidisciplinaria de investigación is a scientific journal dedicated to the quarterly publication of articles of original research results in Spanish, English and Portuguese which covers a variety of topics related to several knowledge areas of the social sciences. The papers are published the first 5 days of the months of January, April, July, October

Vol. 5 No. 38 (2021): July - September

Published: 2021-09-11

Conceptual displacement: Web search as a learning experience

Martha Vidal Sepúlveda, Gabriel Valdés León, Christian Olivares Rodríguez


Domestic factors that constraint ecuadorian export performances

Manuel Ruvin Quiñónez Cabeza, Luisa Nicole Quiñónez Caicedo, Karla Haydeé Ortiz Palafox, Olmedo Gregorio Farfán González


Social skills and behavioral problems in 3- to 5-year-old schoolchildren

Alexandra Isabel Cárdenas Loor, Patricia Genovezzy Velásquez, Ligia Liliana Napa Arévalo , Henry Felipe Alarcón López


Digital neuromarketing and advertising in shopping center consumers in a region of Peru in times of Covid-19

Marco Antonio José Paredes Pérez, Antonio Eleodoro Palomino Crispín , Víctor Renzo Cárdenas Tapia, Rubén Darío Alania Contreras


Epistemological foundations for competency-based assessment of pre-professional practice

Karina Patricia Arévalo Briones, Edgar Vicente Pastrano Quintana, Yamilka Sosa Oliva


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