Cranial bones study using a smartphone augmented reality app

Joffre Paladines Rodríguez, Daniel Nicolás Tettamanti Montalván


Introduction. Cranium is a mobile application that uses augmented reality, which serves as a means of support for the medical student to study the bones of the skull. Objective to improve this situation while raising interest in the subject in students without replacing the aforementioned book. Materials and methods A qualitative research is proposed, divided into three phases: identification, development of augmented application and evaluation with the users of the developed application, for which surveys and in-depth interviews are used to collect information. Results87% indicates the great need to implement new technologies in education. Discussionat the icon level of the application was very well qualified with only a small observation to modify it a bit its aspect Conclusions make changes that will help the application to be more pleasant and functional for users


Augmented Reality, Mobile Application, 3D Models, Technology, skull bones

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